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1785 Capital Management LLC

It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different than the majority. 
 – John Templeton


The theory behind the Partnership’s strategy is not unlike what happens if you would try to hold a beach ball below the surface of a swimming pool. You can push and push, but at some point, the ball is going to return to the surface very fast and continue into the air above the pool. Likewise, if you throw a stone in the air, no matter how hard you throw it at some point it will lose its momentum and quickly change direction and return to the ground. The partnership looks to capitalize on this change of direction, both up and down.


The 1785 Capital Partners LP is a US focused long/short equity fund. The fund employs an opportunistic strategy that seeks superior absolute returns in a broad range of market environments. The partnership invests aggressively in primarily US equity securities and options on such securities.

The partnership uses an extremely disciplined proprietary quantitative and technical screening process to identify equities trading at extreme high or low valuations. The use of relative strength, momentum and a series of technical indicators are used to provide an inventory of potential trading candidates for inclusion in the portfolio. The manager then researches each security for liquidity, volatility and outside fundamental factors to make its final portfolio selections.



Quantitative and Technical Screen

  • Relative Strength
  • Over Bought / Oversold Oscillators
  • Moving Averages
  • Momentum Indicators


Fundamental Analysis

  • Macro Market
  • Industry Outlook
  • Company Internals


Security Selection

  • Liquidity
  • Volatility
  • Time Frame
  • Equities, Options, ETF’s (Long/Short)


Monitoring and Risk Management

  • Position Sizing
  • Industry Concentration
  • Expiration (options)
  • Leverage
John Griner BIO

John Griner Founder & Manager

John Griner is the founder of 1785 Capital Management LLC. Mr. Griner spent 41 years as a sell side investment professional with Merrill Lynch, A. G. Edwards, Morgan Stanley and most recently with Benjamin F. Edwards. He held securities licenses 7, 65 and 66. He has extensive expertise in equity and option trading, and developed the proprietary strategy used by 1785 Capital Partners LP. Mr. Griner received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in 1981 from the University of Georgia. Mr. Griner also earned the Certified Financial Planner designation in 1990 and incorporated financial planning in his practice for over 20 years. His work in technical and quantitative analysis over his career led him to start 1785 Capital Management LLC.